How to remain sane while doing social networking


social networking insanity


It is not always possible to remain sane while doing  social networkingOne gets drawn into the network of links, interrelationships, responses and interactions  that make up the intricate web of social media and networking;  and when you are  trying to manage four or five networks at the same time and making sure that each post is suited to the profile of that particular network, then sanity can become a precarious state of being.

Social Networking is Continuous…

Possibly one of the most common reasons why some social networking managers becoming  drooling, gibbering loons is the fact that there is no break in the cycle of social media. Social media never sleeps.  It is insatiable and the life span of a tweet is usually between  three to four hours before it is consumed by never-ending volumes of cyberspace.

But there are ways to remain relatively sane and focussed while doing social networking.  Here are a few points that every avid social networker should  keep in mind to prevent the onset of madness.

Get organized. Social media is a very creative arena and one link or post leads to another  – which mean that one can become completely absorbed in one line of thought only to  find that you have neglected other important areas – which leads to a cycle of insanity inducing stress. So one has to get organized and work out a schedule based on time and regular  but limited  attention to each social network.

Start a social networking logbook. A logbook  of the time spent and the content posted to each network will provide you with an overview of your hectic postings and replies over time – and  this will help you establish a more organized pattern of social networking management.  I will go into more detail on how to create a social media logbook in future posts.

Develop a social networking strategy. Reduce your focus. One tends to want to cover every aspect  and angle  in social networking.  This has to be reduced.  Develop a social media strategy with the following as pointers:

a. What are your aims in social networking? Take some time to clearly work out what you intend to achieve and what your main goals  are in social media – this will sharpen your social media campaigns.

b. What is your target market?  This does not only refer  to business but also to  any professional field.  Research what your audience needs and likes  and the content that interests them – and then focus on these findings.

c. Measure your input and outcome. This is essential.  By using social media measurement tools like Google Analytics,  one can see which Pinterest boards, tweets  and  LinkedIn postings are driving traffic to your site. These insights help you to redefine  your focus and direct your attention to both the strengths and weaknesses of any  social networking marketing campaign.

There are an over-growing range of new tools that aid social media management.   Try Pinleague for an excellent overview of your boards and pins and how they compare.  Applications like also provides you with an organized way of dealing with your networks; and don’t forget to make use of social media management apps like Hootsuite  if you are dealing with more than one or two social networks.

Most importantly, take breaks and enjoy interacting with others.


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