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Quick and easy way to start an ISP with Imaginet

Would you like to become the owner of an ISP in less than 2 weeks?

Imaginet offers you the chance of having your own service provider in your chosen name with none of the expenses and risks. You can work from home or your business premises and we provide you with all you need to get going.

Our resellers make between R3,000 and R68,000 a month, with the average revenue being at R16,253! Take the opportunity to become an entrepreneur and make some real money while offering your clients personal attention and solutions.

Be your own boss and enjoy the freedom to choose your own pricing but still be supported by Imaginet! Our systems are all housed in a secure and state-of-the art location in Johannesburg. We guarantee 99.9 % uptime and nation-wide 24/7 friendly support.

You don’t know enough about IT?

We will teach you everything you need to know to succeed! You will learn technical and financial nuances of running an ISP as well as the cutting edge marketing techniques to gain more clients. We promise that you won’t be disappointed in the expertise or level of commitment our staff will offer you.

You will have access to the full range of products, from ADSL right through to wireless and Fibre at the most competitive discounted rates. Our prices are flexible: the more you sell, the lower the rates! Join Imaginet’s family of virtual providers and leverage our 22 years of experience to become a successful and profitable ISP.

Download Imaginet’s free Reseller E-book and kick-start your ISP business in less than 2 weeks!

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