Fibre Providers

FREE Fibre installations on all networks until further notice! Save thousands of rands ! *Free-to-Use Fibre router included as well. What are you waiting for ?  ... oh yes, for fibre in your area ! Keep checking in with us as it is rolling out really fast. 


Fibre uses optical cables to carry data via light, which makes it the fastest internet you can get – up to 50x times faster than your normal ADSL speed in this country. 


FibreGet the best home and business fibre deals in South Africa right here !!


* Upon sign-up you will receive a Free-to-use Fibre Router for as long as you use our service.  Should the router break, we will replace for free! Please note should you cancel your Fibre service or fail to pay us, we will charge you the full retail price for the router; alterntively the router may be returned to us in its original condition. 




We provide a wide range of fibre products to meet your internet needs.  If you would like to compare prices or products we have listed all our providers below.


OpenServe Products

TT Connect Products

Frogfoot Products

Vumatel Products

Mitsol Products

Octotel Products

Fibrehoods Products


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