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 Imaginet's Control Panel


A Control Panel provides a location from which you can configure the functionality of your accounts and services with Imaginet.  We call our customised service My[Dot]… mainly because the address is It is a secure site where your passwords, information and billing details can be adjusted, checked or monitored.

In order to log in you need a primary login name and password which Imaginet provides for each customer who has services with us. 

If you are an Imaginet Per GB ADSL user, you will be able to monitor your usage at any time . If you have a capped ADSL your packages will be listed by username, along with their usage for the current month. Usage is shown as a percentage of the base service used.  Base traffic is the size of the package that you pay for every month. The limit is the point at which your account will be capped. You can adjust this limit at any time.  Adjusting the limit is an option which you have entirely under your control . There is also a Usage button which will show you the usage by graph over several months. This helps to give you an idea of how much you will need each month and then you can adjust the limit to suit your needs.  The graphs also give you the option of looking at your daily usage if you click on the month and also the telephone number through which you connect, if you have several different connection points. This is also useful to use when seeing where you have the highest usage of data.

Uncapped users have a slightly different experience here as obviously you don’t need to limit or change usage.  ADSL packages will be listed by username, along with their usage for the current month. Uncapped packages are shown with their current star rating.  Hovering the mouse over the package will display a summary, including total monthly usage, and an explanation of the star rating system. Clicking the Usage button will display cumulative monthly usage for all months since the package has been active. Monthly and daily breakdowns are not available vid My[Dot]. Since we purchase our uncapped from Internet Solutions as a Tier 1 provider, details usage info is on their site. The breakdown of usage by day can be accessed by using Internet Solution’s control panel at and logging in with your uncapped ADSL username and password.

For mobile users, your mobile packages will be listed by size, along with their usage for the current month. Usage is shown as number of MB used.  Because these reports are also monitored by Vodacom or MTN , if require a more detailed breakdown of your usage, please feel free to contact us for a report. While it’s not possible for us to monitor your online activity, we will be able to provide your usage broken down by session, which is more detail than is currently available via the control panel.

A very useful tool in the Control Panel is the provision for monitoring hosting traffic for web sites. Each hosting package has a monthly traffic allowance, which determines the amount of data that your domain can transfer to and from our servers. Hosting traffic is used when users visit your website, when you update your site, and when you send and receive emails using our servers. Exceeding your hosting allowance will not affect your hosted services; you will simply be billed a surcharge of R0.19 per 1MB additional traffic. It is therefore often more cost-effective to upgrade your hosting package if you exceed your monthly allowance.

Each hosting package also has a specific storage space limit. If you reach your storage limit, you will no longer be able to upload new content to your hosting package until you have removed old files. You do of course of have the option of upgrading your hosting package at any time, to increase the storage available. Stored emails do not contribute to hosting storage used. If you have several domains with hosting each domain name will be listed alphabetically. Scroll to the domain you wish to check, and click Controls. You will be shown graphs for that domain’s Traffic and storage usage for the current month:

You can even monitor your e-mail traffic with us. Email accounts generate traffic when they are used. Every time you download an email from our servers, traffic equal to the size of the email will be used. For example, if you download a 1MB email to 2 computers, 2MB of traffic will be used. If you use our SMTP server to send mail, every outgoing email will also count toward the hosting traffic. A list of the domains with Imaginet wll be shown with email addresses on your account. Click View next to a domain name to see a list of addresses @ that domain. Each address is listed with two figures: Incoming traffic and Outgoing traffic respectively.

To give you even more power, we allow you to manage your own hosting services and you need never have to ask permission to access your traffic stats.  Once again, your domain names will be listed alphabetically. Scroll to the domain you wish to check, and click Controls and then Stats.
You will be taken to the Webalizer stats page for your domain, which will provide detailed info about traffic to your site. For more info about how to understand Webalizer’s reports, see the official guide. This interesting information will show you how your website has performed over several months.  You can upload your own files to your website as well!  If you need more traffic or less traffic space you can also adjust this without our help.  You can even terminate a package on your own.

Domains will be listed alphabetically. Scroll to the domain you wish to modify and click Controls and then Edit.
Next to Schedule Event, click Edit.
Select the event you wish to schedule: Upgrade, Downgrade, or Terminate.


When Upgrading a package, the available upgrades will be listed in a new dropdown. You will be able to upgrade immediately, or schedule the upgrade for month-end.
Immediate upgrades will be billed for with your next invoice. You will be billed the difference between the price of your new service and the price of your old service.
Immediate upgrades are effective right away, but your reported hosting stats will only update at midnight.


When Downgrading a package, the available downgrades will be listed in a new dropdown. Downgrades can only be scheduled for month-end.
You will be billed the new price as of next month.


Packages can be scheduled to Terminate at month end. You will not be billed for your hosting package again, unless you exceed your traffic allowance. In that case, you will only be billed for excess traffic.


If you want to upload files to your site, we have that as well ! The link will give you access to a step by step lesson on how to do this safely.

For the more advanced user, there is also a feature which allows you to manage your own DNS records and you will be allowed to make changes, add or delete records.  (


Managing your e-mails is an important feature which I think all our customers use effectively.  You can create a new e-mail address for yourself by clicking the add button on the relevant domain, typing in the new address and selecting the prompt to accept this new address. It’s as simple as that.  You can change your password, set up a forward or an alias on your e-mail account and even an auto reply if you are out of the office for a few days.

Managing your payments, account details or even cancelling and adding new bank information is all possible via my[Dot].   Changing payment details is so simple and in a few clicks we have your latest billing information.  By going to Financial Details on our panel you can check your invoices in reverse chronological order so you never have to request one from our accounts department. It’s all there.

To make sure you limit access to your Imaginet control panel you can even set permissions on your my[Dot].  You can add a new User if you wish, but you can also limit what they can see. In other words someone with admin permissions will be able to make any changes to the account except change or remove the Primary Account Holder’s details. This person will thus be able to see all passwords, change passwords, upgrade services, add new services, etc.  If you have set the permissions to Normal… they will be able to see all packages and make any changes that do not affect the billing. In other words they can see and change passwords, but cannot increase ADSL account limits, upgrade accounts or add new services. A person given “Billing” permissions will only be able to see and update the financial details.

If you select Custom, you will need to set the following permissions: ADSL, Billing, Email, and Hosting.
Permission levels:

None: User will not be able to see any packages listed under this section.

Read-Only: User will be able to see packages and passwords but cannot make any changes.

Half: User will be able to see all packages under this section but can only make changes that do not affect the billing, i.e. they can change passwords but cannot increase the ADSL package limit or upgrade the service.

Full: User will be able to see all packages under this section and make any changes, including upgrades and adding new packages.


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