Telkom LTE

This is the ultimate solution for those who don't have access to ADSL or Fibre.  Save on costs as No landline needed ! 

 LTE is the future of fixed wireless connectivity! Aimed at providing affordable high-speed, reliable wireless Internet in areas that don’t have DSL or Fibre coverage.

Get the best home and business Fixed LTE deals in South Africa right here !!!


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Telkom 30GB+30GB Fixed LTE SIM Only

R 199.00

Telkom 50GB+50GB Fixed LTE SIM Only

R 299.00

Telkom 70GB+70GB Fixed LTE SIM Only

R 399.00

Telkom 90GB+90GB Fixed LTE SIM Only

R 499.00

Telkom 120GB+120GB Fixed LTE SIM Only

R 699.00

Telkom 220GB+220GB Fixed LTE SIM Only

R 999.00

Telkom 30GB+30GB Fixed LTE

R 269.00

Telkom 50GB+50GB Fixed LTE

R 369.00

Telkom 70GB+70GB Fixed LTE

R 469.00

Telkom 90GB+90GB Fixed LTE

R 569.00

Telkom 120GB+120GB Fixed LTE

R 769.00

Telkom 220GB+220GB Fixed LTE

R 1,069.00

All packages subject to a delivery fee. A quotation will be sent to you once your order has been received.

Telkom Fixed SIM Only: You can use any LTE compatible device

ZTE LTE A hardware spec sheet found here 

 * Telkom's Fixed LTE Network enjoy speeds of up to 50Mbps device and coverage dependent.


Telkom Fixed Combo:

Includes Bonus Night Surfer Data; LTE Router once-off pay in of R549!

On promotion, is limited and may end at any time without prior notice.

 * Telkom's Fixed LTE Network enjoy speeds of up to 50Mbps device and coverage dependent.

Each of these packages includes:

No Fibre or Landline Needed

Mobile Plug & Play


Hard Capped / Top-up's available

* Super-Fast Speeds

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"Thank you ALL for your stunning & consistent support throughout the year. They have clearly picked the right location for you to run a support desk from, as it seems that you have nothing else to do but wait for my hundreds of calls which you so politely deal with." - A. Andrew

  • Choice of micro, nano, or regular SIM
  • Unshaped Bandwidth
  • Hard-capped. Top-ups available
  • Coverage Speeds may Vary based on your location


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