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Today there is no better way to advertise your services or products than online. However, your image on the internet will set the tone for your customer base! Without proper management of your site and applying search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques consistently, you will not get the exposure you deserve. This is internet marketing and we can help you get to the first base !

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What is SEO and why do you need it ?

SEO is the process of making your site visible on the internet. When prospective clients search for information relevant to you your site,  it should pop up. Even a great website is worthless if it cannot be found on the search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google. 

 What does Imaginet SEO  do :

We provide full SEO assesssment of compliance of your site.  This means we find the technical and search engine marketing tags and keywords which will enhance your changes of excellent visibility. Imaginet also manages and provides detailed feedback on the progress of your site on the search engines over time.

1.SEO Audit - *R201 only 

  • Assessment of websites page rank and present position
  • Main on-page errors that need attention
  • Off- page improvements that are needed to increase visibility and search engine position 

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2. SEO  Full Audit - *R302 only 

The aim of a full SEO audit is to ascertain those central aspects that need attention with regard to the SEO requirement for Google, Bing and Yahoo. These include in addition to the above, the following -

  • Keyword analysis - selecting he best keywords in terms of search volume and competition
  • Backlink analysis - (up to 10 pages analysed)
  • Page optimization -top five pages analysed for on-page and content errors
  • A full analysis of the recent metrics of the site  - including social media shares

 3. SEO  Implementation once off - *R403

  •  Application of all changes required for meta tags, keywords and related SEO adaptions.
  • Thorough backlink implementation and registration with all relevant search engines. 
  • A weekly summary report will be provided with your current rankings and the most important data regarding your biggest competitors on the internet.


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 * Disclaimer: pricing can vary depending on the demands of each website.  



SEO is not a quick “fix” for a floundering business or the way to sell a product that is overpriced or misplaced in the market. In order to get the best from our Search Engine Optimisation programme, you have to remember one thing. It takes time. It takes effort and a proper job will get proper results but not without some testing and adapting. This takes our Compliance packges which ensure your site is SEO ready to the next step to the Gateway options. 

 Imaginet can get you to shine in the market place but only if you make this decision with the serious intent of getting your business moving in the right direction. It’s not a given any of the tricks will work but if you don’t try you will never feature on social platforms that count and the digital age will kick you to the curb with a very hard bump.

 So we have revamped our entire exercise as we realise the market is a difficult one in the current South African economic climate. However, with your support and faith, we can grow your digital reach exponentially and get you more sales and recognition for your products.

 We have tested this over ten years and nothing works like perseverance so here is a four month plan we recommend to our clients.. and it is showing results !


The 4 month gateway for SEO


 First month :


We plan and plot those keywords so you have a niche market and you don’t get second place because there is a competitor out there.

 These keywords will be pre-approved with the client.

 We take a look at who is your competition and then do it better.

 What is your industry and what are the challenges.

 Who is your audience?  We need to know age groups, background, and economic market. This needs to be supplied by the client.

 Audit the SEO on a technical level. Headings, spacing, font, and images will be measured to assess speed of website and whether it is representative of the product you are selling or service offering.

 Audit the backlinks

 Do a local SEO implementation.


Second month:


A link building strategy needs to be started and maintained.

 Content writing to match the keyword analysis and targets.

 Implement the content writing on new or existing pages based on the keywords to be promoted

 Articles published and full SEO done on the new pages.

 A Google Business Account will be created to monitor the progress.

 Make sure site speed is optimised and that mobile browsing is activated

 Registering with Google, Yahoo and Bing via the relevant console and webmaster tools and assess traffic as well as all associated factors, such as top pages and other factors


 Third month:


 Website Architecture must be repaired or optimised by developer in consultation with Imaginet.(we give some time for this to be done )

 Once completed the SEO is run and structured to complement the corrections and changes as above.

 Monitor and see which pages are getting the most attention from clients and use those keywords to boost the content.

 Optimise all images and ensure the keywords are compatible.


 Fourth month:


Call to action the SEO implemented to assess the impact on the website and to promote higher on the page rankings for all the relevant search engines.

Schema tells the search engines what your data means, not just what it says.The content on your website gets indexed and returned in search results.  Turn content into high value backlinks. We will start by researching popular trends, topics, and of existing successful content across the topic areas your business typically covers.

Create more content to boost keywords and trend.

Revise and plan the way forward for the client to either manage his own site further or continue to allow Imaginet to grow his exposure.


 Monthly Gateway packages sell for R800.00 per month but if you wisely choose the full programme Combo, you will be looking at a cheaper rate for the four months at R2999.00.  We do require this to be paid in advance. 






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